The slime is extracted and processed in such a way that there is full respect for the snails. It is collected by using equipment that does no harm to the animals or through an operator who manually stimulates the snails without causing stress or trauma: this is why our company has received the ‘Cruelty Free’ certification.

This allows us to use a burr of the highest quality that reflects, from a technical point of view, the optimal values of the active ingredients necessary to obtain high quality cosmetic products.


When the slime arrives in the laboratory, it is ready to become an integral and fundamental part of Hèlice products. This is enhanced through very specific and defined cosmetic formulations that require raw materials of the highest quality and yield, all to make the natural characteristics of the slime even more efficient.


For the production of Hèlice we have selected renowned and professional laboratories, capable of maintaining the high quality standards that our products must reach, in order to obtain the company certification of the Protected Natural Park of San Rossore.

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