Our philosophy is based on a different vision of what the quality-based production process should be today. We are convinced that using traceable and controlled raw materials through strict analysis and certifications, producing with artisanal methods but with impeccable quality and safety standards and commiting ourselves to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain is the best way to obtain a unique product in its kind.

Our commitment is to follow and comply with high quality standards ranging from the control in the laboratory of every single batch of raw material and finished cosmetic product, to the traceability of the guaranteed raw material  through our strategic partner La Lumaca del Parco, the first and only Italian consortium specialised in the production of this particular product, which is based on a production model based on respect for nature.


A short distribution chain, traceability, respect for nature and high quality standards: all this is Hèlice Cosmetic, a specialised company for the production of high quality cosmetics based on snail slime.

All the ingredients used have unique characteristics, are respectful of your skin and enhance  beauty and youth.

The absence of water in our products makes Hèlice Cosmetic a valid choice for our fond customers and future ones, as each element contained in our cosmetic products is pure and undiluted.


Hèlice cosmetic is working to establish itself internationally as a leading manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics based on snail slime, to meet the ever-increasing demand for wellness products.

Given the unique characteristics of snail slime and its combination with other high quality active ingredients, Hèlice Cosmetic aims at a clientele desiring to obtain optimal and rapid results and who can be satisfied with their purchase.

The love for nature, the passion for cosmetics, the desire to obtain a product that is not ordinary and of high quality moves Hèlice Cosmetic towards a new vision of beauty and wellness, in which, not only will you be happy with the product thanks to its light texture and its harmonious fragrance, but you will notice that your skin will begin to have new life.

Hèlice Cosmetic: a name that meets nature to embrace the beauty of tomorrow.

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