La Lumaca del Parco

La Lumaca del Parco is the first consortium specialised exclusively in snail breeding and is the only one to arise within a protected natural park, that of San Rossore. The park is located on the marvelous and florid Tuscan coast, near the famous, beautiful historic towns of Pisa and Lucca.

The estate extends over a vast terrain of 60 hectares, 40 of which are agricultural and 20 are dedicated to the equestrian centre with show-jumping horses. The Lumaca del Parco has a current extension of 20,000 square metres with a planned maximum development of 60,000 square metres.


The strict rules that the consortium has to follow in order to maintain the certification from the Protected Natural Park means that the Lumaca del Parco develops with the idea of becoming an Italian excellence in snail farming and slime production, as well as a point of reference for other breeders.

In fact, inside the park there is a strict regulation that prohibits the use of chemical products and polluting materials; it imposes strict landscape constraints where any modification whatsoever requires the authorisation of the park authority, as well as maximum respect for the splendid flora and rich fauna present within the park.


All this makes the San Rossore Park an uncontaminated oasis that reflects our philosophy: our choice fell on this incredible natural area in one of the best known areas of Tuscany as an agricultural site to obtain the top quality standards we seek.

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