Gold Line

The Gold Line is the spearhead of Helice Cosmetic, created for those who want to achieve the highest results and performance.

Gold products contain the highest quantities of pure snail secretions, undiluted, and highly concentrated in active ingredients. Formulated following a long research with high quality materials, it is the best response to the highest demands.



Lifting, Exfoliating and Filling

The highest quality standards to which Serum Hèlice conforms make it almost unique in its kind, as well as in its effectiveness.

Simply apply a few drops of its nectar to regenerate your skin. Apply our exclusive Serum on the most cherished areas and rediscover the magic of a skin that will make you shine: it will enhance your most important moments, making them unforgettable.

Body Cream

Elasticing, Toning and Refining

Pamper and take care of yourself by massaging Hèlice body cream on the areas that most need your attention or simply on the whole body.

Hèlice will help you regenerate the most dehydrated areas affected by stretch marks or cellulite, giving new life to your skin. You can also apply Hèlice to areas affected by scars or wherever there is need for a smoothing and restorative action.

Day Cream

Anti Age, Illuminating and Revitalising

With the elegant touch of Hèlice Face Cream your skin will regain the strength and hydration it deserves.

Hèlice will blend with your skin, deeply moisturising stressed or fatigued areas, so that it can give you a radiant and vital appearance. Your face and décolleté will be regenerated, rediscovering all the smoothness, elasticity and comfort of a fresh and velvety skin.

Night Cream

Anti Age, Plumping and Soothing

Take care of your skin with Hèlice Rich Night Cream, a natural Anti-Age product designed to deeply nourish the face and neckline, leaving the skin toned, soft and velvety, thanks to high concentrations of Snail Slime.

To enhance its nourishing properties, the Cream is enriched with Aloe Vera for an anti-inflammatory and healing action, Shea Butter and Nannochloropsis Seaweed, a powerful antioxidant, rich in omega 3 and omega 6. These active ingredients, combined with the our pure Snail Slime, are the basis of this exclusive regenerative treatment. These, in fact, will act during the night giving your skin an intense feeling of well-being, elasticity and compactness.