The Essence of Nature

Hèlice Cosmetic was founded in 2017 from the idea of two young entrepreneurs, Marco Salvadori and Greta Confente. Faithful companions in their private lives, they engaged in building a new business reality that could combine both their skills; he, an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector of snail farming and she, an expert in cosmetics: from this union was born Hèlice, a society in which snail slime becomes the core business of the company, set within the renowned Park of San Rossore in Tuscany, creating high quality creams and serums.


The idea was born to create a distribution chain, the shortest possible, between the world of cosmetics and the agricultural sectors, something that is hard to find on the market today.

Thus, a project with unique characteristics takes shape in the Italian panorama where, on one side we find the first Consortium in Italy, La Lumaca del Parco, located inside a protected natural park and specialised in snail farming, and on the other the first Italian cosmetics company, Hèlice, to use very high concentrations of pure snail slime of controlled and traced origin.


In 2016 begins the bureaucratic process to obtain all the necessary concessions to operate within the protected natural park of San Rossore, an uncontaminated oasis, a beautiful setting rich in fauna and vegetation on the Tuscan coast.

Shortly thereafter, begins the path of development and research on snail slime in cosmetics, which is increasingly recognised as an extremely effective natural active ingredient for a wide range of skin problems, some of which are clinically relevant.

2018 is the year when both projects become operational business realities, where willpower and quality prevail above all else, meeting the needs of today’s consumer.


Several certifications and awards have been recognized for their Full Made In Italy production: a new commercial philosophy, where quality, the yield and the love of nature and beauty are combined in a single word: Hèlice.